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Maid Of Honor Speeches – Creating the Perfect Speech

Your best friend is getting married, and you have been asked to be her maid of honor. This is something you have always dreamed of being ever since your best friend first started talking about the wedding. You do have a lot of responsibilities before you can get ready for the big day including helping with the wedding itself, taking care of the bridal shower, and making a speech at the wedding reception. Have you ever written a speech before? If the idea of making your maid of honor speech makes you nervous, then here are some tips to help you make that speech memorable and heartfelt.maid of honor speech

Think about your bride

The bride is your best friend, so the chances are that you have known her for a very long time. Think about what makes her your best friend, and use those feelings to convey what makes her so special. If you have never told her how much she means to you this is your chance.

Your tone

Do you want to make everyone cry, laugh, or a combination of both? The tone of your speech is important because this is probably one of the most important days your best friend will ever have. Keep the tone light and playful, this is a very special occasion and your speech needs to make your best friend as beautiful as the dress she is wearing.

The Relationship

The relationship you have should be an important part of your speech. After all, you were chosen to be the maid of honor because your best friend trusts you and knows you are the best person for the job.

Starting off

When you stand up and are handed the microphone, the first thing you want to do is introduce yourself. There may be a lot of people at the wedding that you have never met, and even if the room is full of people you know, it is still the right and polite thing to do.


Before the wedding, it may be a good idea for you to rehearse your speech to make sure it’s not too long. A traditional speech is somewhere between five and ten minutes. Remember, this speech is part of the festivities. You are there as part of the celebration of your best friend’s wedding, not to bore everyone or ruin the festive mood.

Don’t forget the groom

Many maid of honor speeches go on and on about the bride, but they tend to forget about the groom. You don’t have to mention him too much, but it might be a good idea to make sure that you do mention him because like it or not, he is now part of your best friend’s life and you do have to share your best friend with him.

Public speaking is not something everyone is comfortable doing. You have been given a very special task and your best friend is counting on you to give a terrific, heartfelt speech. Just take your time, speak from the heart, and everything will be just fine.

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How to write a Perfect Maid of Honor Speech

Congrats on being chosen as the bridesmaid! On such a wonderful day in a couple’s life, this is truly an honor. As you likely know already, probably the biggest duty of maid of honor’s is the maid of honor speech prior to the toast. Now before you begin freaking out, below are great tips to help you write a perfect maid of honor speech.maid of honor speech

• Start the speech with a humorous or touching story about the bride or maybe the couple. The sweet story or memory needs to be tasteful and never embarrassing or too long winded. This short story sets the mood for the speech and help the guests realize your lovely relationship with the bride or the couple.

• No matter what you’re going to be nervous. So, breathe deeply and don’t forget to smile at the audience. Maintain eye-to-eye contact with them just as much as you can.

• Don’t think of depressing or negative topics of speech. Always, keep it nice and pleasant for everyone out there.

• The bridesmaid is usually supposed to provide something of emotional value. Offer thoughts of encouragement and involvement for the couple’s new married life.

• Manage your fear of presenting and public speaking by rehearsing in front of a mirror. Bring note-cards to refer if you lose at some places.

• Include some serious thoughts about marriage and love. Add some emotional quotes or a short poem in your speech.

• Make sure that you’ve compliments for the groom too. You may observe that the best-man will usually compliment the bride; therefore you do the favor and compliment the groom. Be sure you to say some good things about him. For example, you could welcome him to the new family, congratulate him for beginning a new life together with your closest friend and also you can pre-warn him in a humorous and polite way to look after the bride always. These little gestures of yours would certainly make the groom feel welcomed in his new family.

• Do not include any topic which might seem debatable. Keep in mind, this is expected to be a cheerful day which means sex and politics are not allowed.

• Keep in mind, there are young kids and grandmas in the audience, so hold cuss words to the least and also maintain your humor above the belt. Anything more than that isn’t appropriate.

• Keep your speech simple and short to the purpose. The guests will likely stop tuning in if you keep on dragging. This is where good practice is very important. A lot of people often ramble when they’re nervous. You should try keeping your speech approximately to 2 min’s in length.

• Do not drink a lot just before your speech. Just a glass of vino to relax you is okay, but you don’t want to be referred to as tipsy bridesmaid.

• Finally, make sure to thank the bride for welcoming you to be her bridesmaid. And as a final point, do not forget the toast! Lift your glass up to the couple and please remember to take a sip when you’re done.

Here is to a happy-wedding as well as the perfect maid of honor speech!

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dove cage 001

My White Ringneck Doves

Are you looking for a pet bird ? Ringneck doves make great pets I bought a pair of white ring neck doves about a month ago and just love them. Ring neck doves are a domesticated bird so they are naturally tame and enjoy human companionship. They are very easy to care for and can be kept outside in warmer climates.

Ringnecked doves should be offered a parakeet mix or wild bird seed as a base diet although they can eat smaller or larger seeds from time to time. They appreciate cracked corn and sunflower seeds as treats. Shredded greens, cooked brown rice, hard boiled egg and mixed vegetables can also be offered. Like all doves, ringnecks need constant access to grit and crushed oyster shell for digestion.

This bird species can be quite long lived. Under good care, 10 years is about average, and up to 29 years is possible. Ringneck doves are very easy to breed as well and make excellent parents.

Ring Neck Dove Starting to Hatch