How to Quit Drinking And Start Living The Good Life

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I started drinking alcohol because everybody else was drinking, it was a blast. Alcohol enabled me to relax and open up in social situations and in the early years alcohol was a source of great enjoyment. As time passed however alcohol started to tare up my personal relationships and started to effect my family life, I would start drinking first thing in the morning, to calm the shakes and would continue to do so throughout each day.  I was trapped I had to drink to feel normal. By this time I had already had a couple of alcohol withdrawal seizures from stopping drinking cold turkey.  Then one day I decided to break the cycle of addiction and quit drinking. My decision to quit drinking alcohol has been a gift of a new life.

I quit drinking because I was sick of the way it was affecting my life. Drinking had made me totally irresponsable. I was unable to commit myself to anything, my relationships failed, I had little direction in life and it took me a while to finally be able to accept that my life was unraveling. Alcohol takes over your mind and if you are constantly under its influence you don’t see the problems and you remain in a state of denial.

As soon as you can admit that you are an alcoholic you are in a powerful position, because you are ready to do something about it. It’s scary though, because you are about to give up something you will never be able to do again. If you return to drink alcohol because you believe you can handle it, you’ll be back to your old ways in no time. Remember alcoholism is a progressive disease it never gets better only worse.

Once you make the decision to quit drinking, it has to be final. I have found that making the decision to not drink “today” to be extremely helpful. We don’t know if tommorow will come and we can’t change yesterday. If you are really struggling cut this 24 hours to minutes. It’s easier to endure the discomfort of not drinking for just one more hour: then one more day, and so on. These hours and days add up are much more managable than to take a pledge of never drinking again for the rest of your life.

Pay a visit to your physician and get all the help, advice and medication that they can give you. If you are a chronic alcoholic like I was, it is essential to do this as alcohol withdrawal can be fatal. If you get the shakes when you stop drinking. You are going to need to go to detox.  They proscribe valium or librium and monitor your withdrawal so you don’t have a seizure or heart attack.  I’m a slow learner when it comes to staying sober and have been in detox 27 times in my life. Not a good thing, but detox has certainly saved my life on several occasions.

When you quit drinking take extra care of your self, healthy diet, plenty of rest and liquids such as Gatorade, and exercise. Get active as you can. Meditation can be very helpful there are so many great daily meditation books out there. Your local Goodwill or used bookstore is a great source for these books. Think about getting through each day without a drink and make yourself some goals to aspire to. Never forget why you in the first place and reward yourself for the great job you doing. I can guarantee the people around you will see the difference first and you will get compliments. It feels so good.

Keep a journal and write each day on how your spending your time without alcohol and the challenges you face, it can be very therapeutic and can make you aware of the triggers which make you want drink. Maybe start a blog and write about your experience, strength, and hopes. Getting out of yourself and helping another alcoholic or addict is a guarenteed way to break free from this seemingly hopeless disease.

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