Simple Steps to Overcome Alcohol Addiction

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Tips to Overcome Alcohol Addiction

Congratulations, you have decided to take back your life. Your saying goodbye to alcohol. What your really giving up is dishonesty, ( with self, and others) , shame, guilt, ill health, bad memories, and so many other negative feelings and emotions. You deserve your freedom, happiness, love, serenity.

The first step to overcoming your alcohol addiction is recognizing the problem. It is important that you acknowledge that you are addicted to alcohol and you want to do something about it. People drink for a wide variety of reasons but many do this to forget their problems and numb their pain. Many people believe that alcohol can ease emotional distress but what they do not realize is that they are just creating a bigger problem. It’s the addiction working in your mind, that tells you a drink would make this situation better. It’s a lie. The moment you become aware that your addiction is using your best qualities as a person to keep you sick. You are then ready to move forward.

Here are some simple steps that you can do to beat alcohol addiction:

  • Keep a journal or start a recovery blog to identify your triggers to drink and your progress..
  • Stay away from people, places, things, that encourage alcohol drinking.
  • Stay active, try a new hobby. Make a list of things you always wanted to do. Then do them..
  • Stay positive and remember that you are surrounded by people who love, support and understand you.
  • Go out with sober friends, have fun.You can’t afford to put yourself in high risk situations.

Recovery is not complicated, but it is hard work. The benefits are amazing. To wake up feeling healthy and refreshed. Having a clear mind that you have not wronged anybody or yourself. Once again congratulations on taking the first step to a wonderful life. You deserve it. Keep up the great work.

The first 30 days are tough and you may feel crazy but it does get easier. What’s funny is other people will notice first especially loved ones. How you are changing, it’s like they get the real you back. Your gifts and talents are appreciated by others. You realize you really are a great person and a lot of people care about you and rely on you. Our disease has created a false reality about our selves. If you do the next right thing that’s in front of you. Concentrate on living in just this moment you will stay sober. You can’t do it alone and your not alone. Millions of people are enjoying the gifts of sobriety. Come join us you deserve it.
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